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Customer Awareness

Electricity is the virtual life of the modern technologically developed world. The electric power supplied by the Govt. for domestic, institutional and industrial purposes are not always consistent and cannot keep up to the voltage requirements from time to time.


Problem becomes acute with more consumption of power day by day and less satisfaction in obtaining the power input for the appliances and gadgets.


Voltage fluctuation is the main cause of damage of such appliances and gadgets, which subsequently causes financial loss, multiple worries, and, as consumers, we lose our valuable time and energy too.

It is worthwhile for each and every customer to know the importance of utilization of power and think of the proper management of their power requirements on a long-term basis.

Before buying a stabilizer, we advise the power consumers:

  1. To be aware of the need of their present and future power load, product specifications and purpose of use. 

  2. They must examine the economy, originality, longevity and services conditions of the power systems. 

  3. Use Changeover in order to change to the direct supply of current, if necessary, which enables the stabilizer to rest at times. 

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